Thursday, April 12, 2012

RYJB1087-1088-1089 - S$40

These three bracelets are the first few in my new collection for this year.
I embellished the right angle woven bases of 5mm Swarovski pearls with Japanese glass seed beads in sizes 11.0, 8.0 as well as 3mm Swarovski crystals. The clasps 2-strand antique silver or German made gold plated 2-strand.

RYJB 1087 (SOLD)
7 inches in Power Rose Pink

RYJB 1088
6.75 inches in Light Gray

RYJB 1089 (SOLD)
6.75 inches in Bronze

Sunday, February 13, 2011

RYJB1006 - $40

A lovely 9-inch bracelet in a whimsical netting design. This bracelet is to be worn loosely on the wrist. I attached a magnetic clasp so no more fiddling or getting help from others. The bronze and red colours make this suitable for day and evening wear. Stunning!

I can make this bracelet in any colour you choose so if you'd like one, drop me an email!

Friday, September 18, 2009

RYB-09-0034 $40

Another Caterpillar style bracelet, 8.25 inches in length.  Here I used Bloodstone gemstone chips and a mixture of other gemstone chips like Tiger's Eye and Carnelian pulled together by an antique gold coloured toggle clasp.  A few Swarovski bicones here and there add just the right amount of bling to this piece which can be worn for day or night.

Photos by Ethan-Zuriel Yam

RYB-09-0033 $28 SOLD

Here's an 8-inch bracelet using three different sizes of Japanese glass seed beads as well as Swarovski bicones.  An antique gold toggle clasp holds the bracelet together.

Photos by Ethan-Zuriel Yam

RYB-09-0032 Narrow $40

Another Snowflake Obsidian bracelet measuring 8 inches in length.  This bracelet was made using the caterpillar design which is narrower than the one with the base.  I also incorporated Swarovski bicones, pearls and butterflies.  Very suitable for day and evening wear.

Photos by Ethan-Zuriel Yam

RYB-09-0031 Wide $60

Here's a 7.75 inch bracelet using Snowflake Obsidian gemstones.  First I  made a base using size 6 Japanese glass seed beads and then embellished the top with the gemstones.  I also added Swarovski pearls and bicones.  A 3-strand silver coloured magnetic clasp completes the bracelet.

Photo by Ethan-Zuriel Yam

RYB-09-0030 $60 SOLD

A very attractive, bright, 8.5-inch bracelet with lots of crackle crystal gemstones, Swarovski bicones and Japanese gold seed beads and Czech fire polished beads held together by a gold coloured magnetic clasp.  Stunning in real life! 

Photo by Ethan-Zuriel Yam

Sunday, August 23, 2009

RYB-09-0029 S$50

An 8 inch green bracelet using Hemalyte squares, Japanese glass seed beads, Swarovksi bicones and an antique gold toggle clasp.  Really stunning for day and evening wear.  Available in reds, blues, lime green, turquoise and purples upon request.
Photo by Ethan-Zuriel Yam

At this point in time, I'm unable to link this to Paypal.  If you'd like to purchase this bracelet, do drop me an email.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

RYB-09-0016 S$60

This one-of-a-kind bracelet is 7 inches long with a silver magnetic slider clasp. I made a base with size 8 Japanese glass seed beads in peyote stitch and then embellished the top with coral twigs, coral slices, seashells, aquamarine nuggets, mother of pearl chips and silver Japanese glass seed beads. Really beautiful and solid wear.

Photos by Rebecca Yam

Friday, March 6, 2009

RYB-09-0010 S$60

Photo by Ethan-Zuriel Yam
A beautiful cuff measuring 1.25 inches across and 7.5 inches long. I used gold glass beads and slightly gold toned silver beads. If you notice, the pink and purple strips are doubled which makes it quite lovely to hold. A gold plated magnetic slide clasp holds the cuff together.

RYB-09-0011 S$40

Photo by Ethan-Zuriel Yam
A lovely feminine looking pink bracelet at 8.5 inches long. I used Swarovski pearls and bicones, Czech fire polished beads and two sizes of Japanese glass seed beads. I used a 925 silver flower toggle.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

RYE-09-0012 S$60

Photo by Ethan-Zuriel Yam
A 8.5 inch substantial bracelet. I used Japanese glass seed beads in various sizes, Czech glass leaves, fire polished beads, cat's eye beads, Swarovski discs and a beaded pearl as a toggle.

RYB-09-0013 S$22 (SOLD)

Photo by Ethan-Zuriel Yam
A lovely cool looking bracelet in turquoise. I made a base using large Delica beads (these are cylindrical rather than round) then embellished with small Delica beads to give it a more solid texture. I also used a 925 silver flower toggle.

Monday, February 23, 2009

RYB-09-0003 S$70

Photo by Ethan-Zuriel Yam

This is a red and pink 7.75-inch bracelet comprising of lovely rose quartz beads in various sizes, shell flowers and stars, Swarovski pearls, cat's eye beads, coral beads and Czech fire-polished beads!

RYB-09-0002 S$70 (SOLD)

Photo by Ethan-Zuriel Yam

A beautiful pink cat's eye as the centre of a flower, this 7.5-inch bracelet is sure to make her owner very happy. I used Toho glass seed beads and Czech fire-polished beads. The clasp is made up of 3 Swarovski pearls and a loop.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

RYB-09-0001 S$70

A sapphire blue bracelet measuring 7.5 inches is looking for her owner! She's made of 6 Swarovski pearls embellished with Toho glass seed beads and linked by Swarovski bicones. I made a triangular toggle to complete the look. Very beautiful!

Photos by Ethan-Zuriel Yam
This is how the whole bracelet looks like including the toggle.